Bagger Vac 290


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The dust free cleaning capabilities of EDCO Vacuum Systems just got more efficient thanks to direct bagging. Each Bagger Vac is built with durable and dependable compression cast composite housing that’s covered by a lifetime guarantee and include HEPA 2.0 filtration. The direct bagging system acts as a collection source for the vacuum, ensuring that users don’t come in contact with its contents while disposal is quick and maintenance-free.
·       Bagged collection system allows for dust-free clean-up
·       Provides zero contact with contaminants
·       Fully grounded to protect against static build-up
·       Single phase motor operation
·       Industry-leading HEPA 2.0 filtration:
– 99.997% efficient @ 0.3 microns

– Individually DOP certified

– Manual shaker makes it easy to clean from the outside

– 3-year filter life guarantee