7″ Tile Saw


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Single unit design. No field assembly required.
No missing parts on return. Minimal storage footprint. Cut with stand raised or lowered.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Easy to load/unload. Less operator fatigue, less injury
  • SHORT RESIDENTIAL PLUG: Can plug in anywhere, no breaker trip, can run anywhere
  •  GALVANIZED STEEL GUIDE RAILS: No Rust/Corrosion/increased rigidity, less vibration/smooth straight consistent cut
  • LATCHES: Table lock, stand locks, tray lock, no moving parts in transit
  • WATER FILL INDICATOR: Correct water levels, pump, blade & material protection, operator safety. Water fill line engraved into water pan
  •  6 TABLE WHEELS: Easy glide & lock to rail, smooth non-chattering cut, easy maintenance.
  •  PUMP: Passes water over material, direct plug to motor, safety from silicosis, cools blade = longer blade life. Pump easily moves to allow the water pan to be taken out of frame.
  • TILE SIZE CUTTING CAPABILITIES: 12” diagonal, 18” straight