Magna-Trap® Double Dyma-Dots (3 Pack)


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Magna-Trap® DOUBLE Dyma-Dots Pack of 3

Ideal for:
  • Removing Sealers, Thin Mil Residential Epoxies, Brittle Thinsets, and more.
  • Leaves clean smooth surfaces with small amount of scratches and no gouging.
  • General Purpose too used for a wide range of prepping and remove applications.
  • Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) Rating: 1-2
  • Tooling Classification: Omni-Directional

*Note: Choose appropriate tooling
Hard Concrete (Red) = Softest bond. For use on concrete that contains low amounts of abrasive aggregate.
Medium Concrete (Grey) = Medium bond. General purpose concrete.
Soft Concrete (Yellow) = Hardest bond. For use on Abrasive Concrete (recommended bond for Coastal Areas/Green Concrete).

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For use on:
  • Magna-Trap® Floor Grinders,  Single or Dual-Disc Models
  • Magna-Trap® Turbo Grinders, 7”, 9”, 10” Models
  • Classic-Style Grinders retrofitted with Magna-Trap® Multi-Tooling Disc

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120 Grit, 30 Grit, 70 Grit


Hard, Medium, Soft